Growing Old: Tales from an Urban Canopy

Reciprocity (episode 5)

Episode Summary

Explore the role that trees play in human health and urban climate resilience, particularly amid a pandemic. Talk with City of Seattle urban forestry policy advisor Sandra Pinto de Bader, Urban Forestry Commission chair Weston Brinkley, and University of Washington research social scientist Kathy Wolf about the risks facing Seattle’s local trees with regards to climate change, development, and unintended neglect. Discuss the role of reciprocity and care in restoring Seattle’s “emerald” canopy. This is Growing Old.

Episode Notes

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This series was created in collaboration. 

Created by:
Lylianna Allala, Colleen Echohawk, and Tamara Power-Drutis

Produced by:
Katie Mosehauer

Written by:
Tamara Power-Drutis

Narrated by:
Zoey Echohawk-Hayashi, Collen Echohawk, Lylianna Allala, Tamara Power-Drutis along with various members of the Growing Old team.

Music for the series by:
Black Stax, Glass Heart String Choir, Lacey Warrior, and Talaya Logan Marque Studios with engineering and mixing by Katie Mosehauer and Greg Fields and mixing and mastering by Pierre Ferguson.

Music in Episode 5 by: 
Chris Zabriskie, C. Scott, Lucian, and Tamara Power-Drutis. 

Recording by:
Katie Mosehauer, Tamara Power-Drutis, and Katie Myers

In Partnership With:
Chief Seattle Club and Earth Day Northwest 2020

Promotion and Community Engagement by:
The Vida Agency

Fiscal sponsorship provided by:
Earth Day Northwest 2020 and Forterra